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Air travel policy

Air travel is the largest contributor to my greenhouse gas emissions. I am committed to reducing this impact. Therefore, for trips booked from May 2019 onward:

  1. I fly only as a last resort, where no realistic alternative – such as videoconferencing or train travel – exists.

  2. All flights must be carbon offset. Offsetting is imperfect, but nevertheless a useful short-term measure to mitigate the impacts of air travel. I use Atmosfair, which invests only in projects that meet the stringent Gold Standard. For a long-haul flight, offsetting will cost approximately $120. I can add the offset to my invoice, or you can buy it on my behalf. I will not fly without an offset.

  3. With the above points in mind, I strongly prefer airlines in the Oneworld alliance: British Airways, American, Qatar, etc. Flying is unpleasant enough that I stick to an alliance with which I have status.

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