Digital product design mentoring

[Update: I received a remarkable response to this offer – thanks to everyone who contacted me. I've now filled these slots but will post again if I have capacity in the future.]

Looking to take a step forward in the industry? I’m now available to mentor two new junior/mid-level designers.

You should be UK-based, preferably in London (but elsewhere in the country might work), and looking to improve as a full-stack digital product designer, rather than a UX or visual specialist.

I take an informal approach to mentoring, so there’s no set agenda, programme, or anything like that. You're the boss. But areas where I might be able to help include:

  • careers advice, portfolio reviews, mock interviews
  • helping you evaluate your strengths & weaknesses and construct a development plan
  • advice on design tooling and software
  • advice on design process (large and small companies, in-house and consultancy)
  • help with specific design problems – although rest assured: you’ll still be the one doing the design!
  • introductions to other community members or events as appropriate

After a while, my mentoring arrangements typically end up being very flexible and often simply become friendships with a designy slant.

My ideal setup would be to meet face-to-face every 6–8 weeks, with perhaps a couple of emails in between. And to be clear, this is a free offer – I don't charge for mentoring (sometimes people ask).

Please email me at if you think this would be interesting. If I’m oversubscribed I’ll give priority to applicants from under-represented groups.

Cennydd Bowles