More on IA Summit 2011

The reaction to last weekend’s IA Summit plenary has been gratifying. Thanks to everyone who listened, read, and shared. If you’ve not got round to reading it, don’t worry – a podcast is in the works. I’ll post a link when it’s ready.

I’ve been particularly pleased to see people pondering my words and responding with thoughts of their own (Loren BaxterMinu OhJenifer Tidwell). For many people, the talk struck a chord – for some, it caused debate. I’m glad; this means I interpreted the brief well.

However, much of the credit must lie with the IA Summit itself, and the people behind it. The closing plenary speaker has a rare mandate: to pause, take stock, and think deeply about the future of our industry. He or she is offered a platform to speak not only to the people in the room but to the wider industry. It’s an opportunity I wouldn’t have otherwise had, and if you gained something from my talk, the organisers should receive their share of the thanks. This year’s Summit surpassed almost any conference I’ve attended (and I’ve seen a few). Now’s a good time to mark your cards for next year: 21–25 March in New Orleans.

Cennydd Bowles