On failure

I’m no longer writing Designing The Future Web. Even after 18 months and 25,000 words, the well of knowledge is filling faster than I can draw from it, and it’s become clear that I can no longer make the sacrifices a book demands.

It would be emotionally easier to let the spark fizzle out, dodging questions until no one thinks to ask them any more. But that seems dishonest. It’s right that I should admit failure with the same fanfare as I undertook the project.

Although my research and ideas have resisted being captured in words, they’ve made me a better designer. They’ll still allow me to tell my story and influence the profession through my work.

However, I do plan to publish some of my ideas. I think I have something to contribute, and after so long hoarding opinions for the big reveal, it will also be a relief. At the very least, expect blogging: joyful tracts with occasional idea-flecks.

Failure is embarrassing, of course – but it can also clear the path to other kinds of success. My editor and publisher have both been fantastic, and I thank them for the support they offered me. Now, I’m looking forward to looking forward.

Cennydd Bowles