As companies mature, the role of design changes. Complexity multiplies. Inconsistencies creep into products and customer insight may seem disconnected, making it hard to know what will add value. As old processes break down, design teams sometimes struggle to scale and perform.

What I offer

I offer interim design management to UK-based technology teams experiencing these transitions. Typically they have existing design teams between two and fifteen strong.

How you’ll benefit

I’ll help improve design execution by assessing your team’s capabilities and performance, developing critique and signoff processes to make design work stronger and more coherent, and setting up user research programmes that put the customer at the heart of your decisions.

I’ll improve team health by establishing shared goals and a vision of what good design looks like, building a physical environment that suits design team needs, and focusing on career development.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ll help you meet your future design needs. I’ll help define the skills you’ll need for the months and years ahead, and help you build a team equal to the challenge. I’ll advise on headcount and structure, and ensure your job descriptions appeal to a diverse but appropriate set of candidates. I can help interview your applicants, and even help you find the right long-term design leader.

Why me?

Having run teams at Twitter, uSwitch, and Karhoo, and mentored dozens of designers over many years, I know what designers need to grow, thrive, and ship great work.


Variable, priced per project.