Update, May 2019

While I’ve enjoyed the opportunities afforded to me in the past, I’m now selective about my speaking appearances. Most of my CO₂ footprint comes from flying to events, and I have a moral obligation to reduce it from currently indefensible levels. I pledge to reduce my emissions from flying by 50% in 2020, by accepting fewer gigs and applying a new air travel policy.

Book me for your conference for a far-reaching perspective that will challenge and inspire your attendees. I’m a veteran public speaker, combining an articulate style with hands-on experience earned working with leading technology companies. My talks typically discuss the urgent intersection between design, technology, ethics, and the future.

I also offer private in-house talks: see In-house speaking.

Current talks

Who am I?

I’m Cennydd Bowles, a London-based designer and futurist. Over a sixteen-year career, I’ve written two popular books (Future Ethics and Undercover User Experience Design), led design at Twitter UK, and been fortunate enough to develop a reputation as a global leader in digital product and UX design. As an independent consultant, I’ve worked with clients including the BBC, Samsung, WWF, Cisco, and Ford.

My focus today is the ethics of emerging technology. I’ve been quoted on the topic in The Guardian, Ars Technica, The Daily Telegraph, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Forbes; my new book Future Ethics has been called ‘One of the most important books a designer could ever read.’ I now consult with technology companies on ethical approaches to design and new product development, drawing on innovative techniques from speculative design, futurism, and contemporary practical ethics.

I’ve presented at a range of major tech companies and universities, and am a regular keynote speaker at tech and design conferences worldwide.

Upcoming events

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Per the Update above, I am reducing my speaking availability through late 2019 and 2020. I will therefore prioritise paid opportunities that have a publicised and enforced code of conduct. My air travel policy applies to all international events.

Feedback on my talks

  • ‘Well done, and THANK YOU very much for your time today. You broke Slack with quotes, commentary, questions and just general feedback. To summarize: “This presentation should be required viewing for every new designer at [company].” Kudos.’ –Design leader, in-house client.

  • ‘It sparked some incredible discussion and had more quotable moments than I’ve ever seen!’ —Designer, in-house client.

  • ‘That was one of the most compelling, cogent, inspiring, informative, and enlightening lectures I've ever seen. (And I've seen a lot!:) You were amazing. And we are so lucky.’ —Design faculty member.

Recorded talks

Previous events


  • Milton Keynes Geek Night, Milton Keynes

  • IxDA London, London

  • Camp Digital, Manchester

  • Trivago Academy, Düsseldorf

  • Design Intersections, Chicago

  • Frontend United, Utrecht

  • International JavaScript conference, London

  • IIBA, London

  • UpFront, Manchester

  • Sitecore Experience, London

  • IxDA Paris, Paris


  • UX Meetup, The Hague

  • ThingsCon, Rotterdam

  • Digital Design Ethics, Amsterdam

  • World Usability Day, Rome

  • UX Live, London

  • All Tech Is Human: Ethical Tech Summit, New York

  • Evenings at the Loft, Los Angeles

  • Facebook Comma-Con, Redwood City CA

  • Stanford University HCI Seminar, Stanford CA

  • UX Speakeasy, San Diego

  • CHIFOO, Portland OR

  • UX Scotland, Edinburgh

  • Webinale, Berlin

  • Google People & AI Research Symposium, Zürich

  • PixelUp, Johannesburg

  • World IA Day, Toulouse


  • Underexposed, Berlin

  • UX Bucharest, Bucharest

  • London Tech Week, London

  • To Be Designed, online

  • UX Days Tokyo, Tokyo

  • Interaction ’17, New York


  • Generate London, London

  • Prototypes, Process, and Play, Chicago

  • UX London, London

  • IxDA Olso, Oslo

  • The Lean Event, Brighton


  • Ctrip UED Summit, Shanghai

  • CanUX, Ottawa

  • Amuse UX, Budapest

  • Rebase, Dublin

  • Web Expo, Prague

  • UX Australia, Brisbane

  • Design Swansea, Swansea

  • Geek Meet Stockholm, Stockholm

  • FLUPA UX Day, Paris

  • UX Lausanne, Lausanne

  • Camp Digital, Manchester

  • UX Riga, Riga


  • Practical Takeaways, Cardiff

  • From Business to Buttons, Stockholm


  • Mind the Product, London

  • Mobilism, Amsterdam


  • MobX, Berlin

  • Content Strategy Forum, Cape Town

  • UX People, London

  • UX Lx, Lisbon

  • Breaking Development, Orlando


  • UX Brighton, Brighton

  • Tech4Africa, Johannesburg

  • Future of Web Apps, London

  • Update, Brighton

  • UX Australia, Sydney

  • Ulster Festival of Art and Design, Belfast

  • HackFwd, Berlin

  • IA Konferenz, Munich

  • Information Architecture Summit, Denver

  • South by Southwest, Austin

  • EuroIA, Paris

  • TEDxSheffield, Sheffield

  • Think Vitamin, online


  • UX London, London

  • SHiFT, Lisbon

  • Information Architecture Summit, Phoenix

  • Web Source East, Norwich

  • Design by Fire, Utrecht

  • EuroIA, Copenhagen


  • Reboot, Copenhagen