I’m a veteran public speaker, combining an articulate style with deep practical experience earned working with leading technology companies. For 2019, my preferred topics are technology ethics and emerging design approaches, but I am also able to speak on topics including digital product design, design leadership, and motion and sound design.

I also offer training in visual design and motion design and prototyping; these often make for good pre-conference workshops.

Upcoming events

Contact me to discuss 2019 availability and rates. I prefer events with a publicised and enforced Code of Conduct

Feedback on my talks

  • ‘Well done, and THANK YOU very much for your time today. You broke Slack with quotes, commentary, questions and just general feedback. To summarize: “This presentation should be required viewing for every new designer at [company].” Kudos.’ –Design leader, in-house client.

  • ‘It sparked some incredible discussion and had more quotable moments than I’ve ever seen!’ —Designer, in-house client.

  • ‘That was one of the most compelling, cogent, inspiring, informative, and enlightening lectures I've ever seen. (And I've seen a lot!:) You were amazing. And we are so lucky.’ —Design faculty member.

Previous events


  • UX Meetup, The Hague

  • ThingsCon, Rotterdam

  • Digital Design Ethics, Amsterdam

  • World Usability Day, Rome

  • UX Live, London

  • All Tech Is Human Ethical Tech Summit, New York

  • Evenings at the Loft, Los Angeles

  • Stanford University HCI Seminar, Stanford CA

  • UX Speakeasy, San Diego

  • CHIFOO, Portland OR

  • UX Scotland, Edinburgh

  • Webinale, Berlin

  • Google People & AI Research Symposium, Zürich

  • PixelUp, Johannesburg

  • World IA Day, Toulouse


  • Underexposed, Berlin

  • UX Bucharest, Bucharest

  • London Tech Week, London

  • To Be Designed, online

  • UX Days Tokyo, Tokyo

  • Interaction ’17, New York


  • Generate London, London

  • Prototypes, Process, and Play, Chicago

  • UX London, London

  • IxDA Olso, Oslo

  • The Lean Event, Brighton


  • Ctrip UED Summit, Shanghai

  • CanUX, Ottawa

  • Amuse UX, Budapest

  • Rebase, Dublin

  • Web Expo, Prague

  • UX Australia, Brisbane

  • Design Swansea, Swansea

  • Geek Meet Stockholm, Stockholm

  • FLUPA UX Day, Paris

  • UX Lausanne, Lausanne

  • Camp Digital, Manchester

  • UX Riga, Riga


  • Practical Takeaways, Cardiff

  • From Business to Buttons, Stockholm


  • Mind the Product, London

  • Mobilism, Amsterdam


  • MobX, Berlin

  • Content Strategy Forum, Cape Town

  • UX People, London

  • UX Lx, Lisbon

  • Breaking Development, Orlando


  • UX Brighton, Brighton

  • Tech4Africa, Johannesburg

  • Future of Web Apps, London

  • Update, Brighton

  • UX Australia, Sydney

  • Ulster Festival of Art and Design, Belfast

  • HackFwd, Berlin

  • IA Konferenz, Munich

  • Information Architecture Summit, Denver

  • South by Southwest, Austin

  • EuroIA, Paris

  • TEDxSheffield, Sheffield

  • Think Vitamin, online


  • UX London, London

  • SHiFT, Lisbon

  • Information Architecture Summit, Phoenix

  • Web Source East, Norwich

  • Design by Fire, Utrecht

  • EuroIA, Copenhagen


  • Reboot, Copenhagen

Recorded talks