I offer workshops teaching contemporary skills for digital designers. More soon.

Visual Essentials for Product Design is ideal for digital designers wishing to improve their visual literacy, or UX and interaction designers looking to move into full-stack product design. Visual design is a hands-on discipline, so alongside key instruction you’ll spend 50% of the day working on your own visual design explorations and critiquing fellow attendees’ work.

You'll learn and practice

  1. Basics of form · Point, line, surface, plane, volume. Geometric, organic, random forms. Texture · Exercise: Point placement, attraction of elements.
  2. Layout and composition · Elements in relation. Symmetry, repetition, and rhythm. Formal and informal structures. Activity in structure. Grouping. Gestalt theory. Page grids, common print grids, responsive digital grids, grid arithmetic. Alignment. Hierarchy. Positive and negative space · Exercise: Conveying meaning through layout.
  3. Typography · Anatomy of a typeface. Typeface classification. Choosing fonts. Type terminology: hinting, kerning, leading. Typography and grids. Designing the paragraph and page: alignment, hyphenation, measure. Typographic scales. · Exercise: Typography visual sprint, plus critique.
  4. Colour and images · Colour theory: the colour wheel. Hue, tone, saturation. Colour schemes. Cultural signification. Image choice. Looking room. Matching palettes and imagery · Exercise: Colour and image combination, with critique.
  5. Icons · Icon vs. index vs. symbol. Designing the minutiae. Resolution and recognition. Icon consistency · Exercise: Icon design, with critique.
  6. Ideas and concept · Visual research. Idea generation. Action verbs. Scrapbooking. Mood boards, brand matrices. Connotation and denotation. Creating perception through visual design. · Exercise: “Same content, different feel”, with critique.
  7. Production and practice · Tools. Version control and asset management. Handling resolutions. Layer management.
  8. Final exercise · Do it yourself. Create a full visual mockup from your own wireframe/sketch (subject to confidentiality etc) or a provided example. Plus critique.

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