Technology ethics consulting

It’s time for our industry to take ethics seriously. Learn how to adapt your product design and development approaches to put ethics first, with help from a leading designer at the forefront of the tech ethics movement, author of Future Ethics, and invited speaker at Microsoft, Stanford University, Dropbox, Fitbit, Google, Hulu, Facebook, and IBM.

Ethical design sprints
Learn practical, challenging tools and techniques for ethical design, and prove their value in a real, accelerated project in your business.

Workshop: Practical Ethics for Tech Teams
An intensive one-day masterclass on ethics in digital product development and design. Learn about the three lenses of contemporary ethics, use them in lively debates about emerging technology, and apply what you’ve learned through practical, hands-on games and exercises.

In-house talks
Learn from Cennydd’s tech ethics research through inspirational, challenging presentations, delivered in-house or remotely. Ideal for company all-hands or team lunch-and-learn sessions.

Ethical technology consulting
Coming soon.

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Digital product / UX design

Training, facilitation, and hands-on design from a global leader in the field. Learn to prototype animations, the fundamentals of visual design, or hire me for an intensive one-week design sprint, turning your idea into a rich, validated prototype.

Workshop: Rapid Motion Prototyping
In just four hours, learn motion design basics and the surprising power of Keynote, the rapid prototyping tool you never knew you had.

Workshop: Visual Design Essentials
Learn fundamentals of visual design including layout, typography, colour, and iconography in this workshop for UX designers, developers, and product managers.

Hands-on digital product & UX design
Hands-on UX, information architecture, interaction design, and visual design from a global leader in the field. All major digital platforms including iOS, Android, and web.

Interim design management
I offer interim design management to UK-based technology companies, typically with existing design teams between two and fifteen strong. Improve design execution, team health, and plan for the team’s next phase of development.